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1. I have just signed up to the site. Will I receive confirmation by email?

After signing up, you will receive an email from face4job containing the link for activating your account and completing your profile.

2. I've forgotten my password for accessing the site. How can I get it back?

Just click on "Forgotten password" and fill out the required fields: we will send you an email with the forgotten password, or a link to activate a new one.

3. I am trying to sign up, but when I select a Username and Password I get an "Invalid user name" error. What does it mean?

It means that you typed in a series of invalid characters that the system doesn't recognise.

4. Is face4job.com free of charge, or do I have to pay to apply for job offers?

face4job is completely free of charge for candidates.

5. Do I have to sign up to the site in order to apply for a job offer?

Yes, registration is obligatory (as far as the "PLAYER" setup step) in order to apply for a job offer or make your profile available to the companies and advertisers who have signed up.

6. How can I upload my CV to the site ane become a PLAYER?

Once you've activated your account, after signing up to the site, you can enter your CV by following the fields and drop-down menus in the "personal details" area, and by listing your qualities by order of importance. You will then become a PLAYER. When you've entered your information, you can also download your CV in automatically generated Europass format.

7. Why is it important to be a FACER (even if it's not obligatory)?

Becoming a FACER means that "you are willing to put your face on it", showing that you are the right candidate for the company that's looking for you. The videos are not free opportunities to introduce yourself, but "VideoTalents" that showcase the attitudes and qualities that you indicated (up to 10), by replying to the typical first interview questions you will be asked in a maximum of 1 minute. This will give companies the chance to proactively see the way you present yourself and how you answer the questions, just like getting that fundamental first impression during your first interview. The 2 additional videos, "X-talent" and "Foreign Language", are essential, allowing you to talk freely about your natural talent (which may have nothing to do with your previous work experience) and giving you the chance to demonstrate your fluency in one or more foreign languages.

8. Are Players at a disadvantage against Facers in the CV ranking process?

No, because the ranking is unique each time and depends on the VideoTalents you submit: however, the company will be free to view all the profiles proposed by the algorithm and filter them by how complete they are, or ask the most promising Players to complete VideoTalents and request them to become Facers.

9. How do you guarantee the privacy of the CVs and Videos recorded on the platform, without letting them come up on normal online video sharing sites?

In contrast to other websites which make candidates' video CVs freely available, without any care for their privacy (as authorised by the members themselves when they accept the "Terms of Use"), Face4Job.com has designed and built a new Video Streaming platform which we own ourselves, for use by our candidates: owning the tool is the only way to provide complete privacy when recording "VideoTalents", making sure they are only available to the companies who have signed up.

10. How can I change or delete my CV from the site?

In the "personal details" section, you will find the "edit" and "delete" functions that you can use to delete your profile.

11. Can I hide my CV from companies?

In the "personal details", click on the "Inactive" function (or "Active" to make it visible again).

12. I have to complete the tab "Experience" but I can not find those in line with my right profile or those for which I want to propose. Why? How can I do?

Face4Job is an international multilingual portal designed to bring together, directly and without intermediaries, candidates and companies globally. For this reason the function list has been optimized and standardized as a result of careful analysis. The choice of the function to be inserted should therefore be selected among those present and the free text field below is used to add, briefly, the specific case. Each function that is not present can be treated as a function mother who is definitely in the division of relevance (and then the text field as specified above). Also Face4Job intercepts constantly what companies publish in their official sites in the network and, if being placed on a new job with a feature not present, then it is added promptly and candidates notified via email. What does this mean? Face4Job reads the real work, what the present and the future as it is officially declared by the company (without logos anonymous intermediaries): Some features may not even be the most sought after because substituted or replaced by new methods rather than other innovative figures. F4J is therefore a thermometer in real-time flow of work in the world that can guide each of us in their future no longer persist in looking for a job that is not always required or that no longer exists, wasting time and discouraging. Reflect always on your talent when you choose the order in the profile card, because they are the ones that enhance your previous skills and your true nature to the professional looking for new employment which no longer work once! This is why in F4J you give space to talent and to VideoTalent: actual interviews of 1min to questions posed by companies based on your major skills and where you can, putting his face, to transfer all of your energy and desire to do. This is what they want to see companies and what makes the real difference in a sea of ​​resumes too similar and that companies no longer want to browse. Be Facer!

13. How do I know if the company received my job application?

If you are a registered user and you sent your application through Face4Job, your CV will automatically be sent to the company that placed the listing. The platform has an alerts and notifications system for both candidates and companies, which efficiently and directly manages updates on new job offers, videotalent requests, room invitations, etc.

14. How do I insert my degree properly or other training courses, master, Erasmus, etc.?

Face4Job is a global portal and therefore has standardized educational qualifications according to sectors, so as to be intercepted successfully by each nation.

Select the area most relevant to your degree and then exploited the free text field to describe the specifics of the case (again briefly).

Also use the cards "Knowledge" and "Other" to enter any courses, master or simply complete your profile and professional training.

15. What are the main differences among Face4Job and the other portals such ad Monster, Linkedin, etc?

Face4Job first is a platform for direct and not mediated match between candidates and companies: the first important difference is therefore the absence of agencies or third parties who judge and create predetermined channels without giving voice to the candidates. In Face4Job every candidate is a sponsor of himself and puts his face for what it claims to be and how to do.

In Face4Job there are no algorithms that judge according to the logic of subjective graders guru: every company search their talents, has a modular system of weights and parameters that allow you to find the best profiles to suit your requirements (age, skills, cities , studies, talents, etc.). They set the weights and thresholds that automatically produce the list of the best wit % of matching. Changing weights will cause a new list different from the previous one.

This is only the first step of 4 Face4Job ... then proceed with the other 3 steps that has no other portal (this is the biggest novelty globally): reproduction of the recruiting process between company and candidate, based on skills and talents required and declared, according to a process of structured interviews, with questions typical of interviews and video responses lasting 1 min, the VideoTalent up meeting face-to-face live on dedicated room (face - 4 - Jobs > "addresses the 4 moves for the job" as well
'Put his face on the job "). Everything inside the platform and without any additional software.

IMPORTANT: The VideoTalent can also be recorded proactively by the candidates according to pre-set questions and so he immediately becomes the Facer, having greater visibility with companies, entering without permission on their lists with interviews ready, strong and one of the qualities most sought today : courage and resourcefulness. In this case, although you may appear with lower scores than others, companies will still be there to see it warned of the presence of Facer, thereby giving rise to curiosity and a huge time saver in the selections at this point (maybe ... who knows!) hit them unexpectedly and conquered for that position or other available.
One and only opportunity in Face4Job: enter the house of the companies no one has opened the door!

In addition, the platform www.face4job.com, presents itself to visitors as:
a world map "button" that freely explorable, using an innovative algorithm, like a radar capture in real time all opportunities published officially in the "careers" of the websites of all companies of the world; a real "global thermometer" and realtime workflow in the world for candidates to Face4Job that, in anticipation of direct interactions with companies, automatically customizes every opportunity under the matching specific skills and talents, thus giving an immediate service of global vision of "working around us" and in the reserved areas of each candidate.

Face4Job therefore is a simple, intuitive, flexible, in line with the times, democratic and free, a direct channel of contact between demand and supply of labor without intermediaries, based on a meritocratic process real and eliminating global barriers and borders, to all levels and seasons.

Just unnecessary travel for job interviews organized style "battery chicken" to be disposed of, tails, minutes of meetings the same for everyone and then being told "You will hear from" .. no one should feel limited in the opportunities away because he can not afford the costs of a long journey for cognitive meetings: you do interviews directly from home and you move only the last interview, being among the last chosen, often pays the company.
Face4Job a portal all based on the development of talent and meritocracy.

16. Which companies put job offers on face4job.com?

Worldwide companies choose face4job.com for publishing their job offers for qualified personnel. In the home page, you will find the entire list by clicking on "All companies" in the Employers section.

17. I've found a job offer that I would like to apply for. Can I send my CV to your email address? Can you forward it to the company for me?

No. The only way to send your CV to the company is to enter it directly on our site, after signing up. Therefore, for privacy reasons, we have to delete any CVs sent to our contact addresses.

18. If I send you my CV, will you find me a job?

No. Face4Job doesn't do the work of a Recruitment Agency. Face4Job offers an innovative new service to help bring employment demand and offer, candidates and companies, together, with the exclusive chance to increase your visibility by recording "VideoTalents", with 100% guaranteed privacy (see FAQ no.9) by answering some typical first-interview questions.

19. I'm having problems logging in, what should I do?

If you can't manage to access face4job.com with your login credentials, write to info@face4job.com and remember to tell us your user name. If, on the other hand, you are having problems viewing the pages, write to the same address and tell us which browser/operating system you use and your user name.

20. I use Internet Explorer and I am having problems viewing pages on face4job.com. What can I do?

Here are some useful tips to follow:
a. always keep your internet browser up to date;
b. delete cookies, temporary files and the internet explorer history: open a browser page, click on "Tools" --> "Internet Options" and select "Delete cookies...", then "Delete Files" and lastly "Delete History";
c. check your browser's Privacy settings: click on "Tools", "Internet Options", look for the "Privacy" tab and set it on Medium;
d. check the level of your Firewall or Anti-virus software installed on your PC (add www.face4job.com to your trusted sites);
e. disable Internet Explorer's script debugger: "Tools" --> "Internet Options" --> "Advanced" --> Disable script debugger.

21. I can't find a job listing that I wanted to apply for. Why not? Is there another way to apply?

If a job offer isn't visible on face4job.com any more, it means the company has closed the search and removed the listing (each company manages their job listings and application methods independently). There is no other way to apply for a listing that has been removed.