About us

Face4Job, founded on 1 August 2013, is the brainchild of Alessio Romeo, an engineer who at the age of 23 decided to achieve his own ambitions by looking for opportunities to get involved in international projects right from the start. He spent many years abroad working for leading global firms; when he returned to Italy at the age of 29, he took up positions at the head of some of the most important industrial companies. In January 2009, he took up the challenge of directing the R&D department of an important US hi-tech start-up in the Italian alternative energy sector, which was finally opened to the market at the end of 2013.

The Face4Job project is the result of: a) Alessio's multicultural experiences when he lived abroad; b) his experience of being a candidate for so many years; c) his equally extensive experience as a head-hunter for specific professional profiles.

He met with internationally renowned scientists and academics who have dedicated their careers to human resources and sector analysis, and carefully analysed the meagre online services already available. His findings were fundamental for designing the specifications and the way Face4Job works.

Face4Job is an entirely innovative service, offering you:

After incorporation, the Company was enrolled in the special register of Italian "Innovative Start-ups", thanks to the high innovation and technology content in the project, and we immediately gained 5 new partners with a solid international background forming a team of key figures providing the network and know-how needed to support our mission.

Our company:

Founder & CEO

Alessio Romeo